Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mansfield Park

I have read four other Jane Austen books and I was looking forward to this one. 
I mean, I'm a typical girl that has watched a ton of period movies. Mainly from the 1800's.

One thing that has always attracted me to Mansfield Park is that it was about a girl not born in good society. She had family connections, but no honor from her own name.

Steadiness of character is the attribute of Fanny that creates the novel. Jane Austen set up her novel around one stationary girl that has family heartbreak happen around her, but her never altering opinion and morals bring her happiness. 

I believe there are still people like Austen's characters which is why they are so timeless. There will always be people who do what they feel is right and never give in to what others say like Fanny Price. Or people who will let vanity and conceit dictate they're choices like Henry Crawford. Or even some who will let money, vanity and connections cloud their judgement when they should marry for love, like Mary Crawford (my least favorite character.)

There were other surprises in the story compared to my predictions and the movie's I've seen. Thankfully, because books are always better. 

This is my favorite Austen novel. I recommend reading this one, of course Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma are wonderful as well. 

I'm not really sure how to rate books but here's what I think:
1 wasted my time
2 don't make me read it again
3 barely finished
4 wouldn't recommend it 
5 an ok read
6 will maybe mention it 
7 will talk about it
8 will recommend it
9 talk, text, tweet,
10 reread 

I give Mansfield Park a 10! 
Get out there and read. 
Onto book 4.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Books are better

I am sure I have mentioned how I feel about books coming first to any thing really. A movie is a story too, but a book can capture every reader differently and impact their lives, I believe, on a deeper level than a movie. Although a movie can impact and move us, a book is the structure of society. They have been around for thousands of years. People have tried to censor books for hundreds of years, without succeeding. I have seen what a book can do for someone. Personal histories alone could make me boast about why books should be read. Then you have the battle like today where movies are inspired by books. So what came first the book or the movie? The BOOK! Pick up a movie and most likely it has a book linked to it. You pick up a book and you may see the influence of something before the book was written. Another book probably.

Read a book and you can connect to the author's life in such a way that it stays with you for years. Movies can stay with you, but another remake or new release can cloud your vision. A book however, you go back to the book that touched you. You open it up and the smell makes you remember why you picked it up in the first place. You remember where you were when you finished it for the first time. You read it again and again over the years. It helps you through the hardest times in your life. A single book can shape your thoughts and ideals. Can mold you into a better person, or at least on a different path. Movies sell things. They can bring books to life, but it will never be the same. A book can conjure up different imagines to the different readers, and therefore cause a different change. We can all read the same book and have millions of separate thoughts. Movies show you one way of seeing something. And if you're lucky enough to read into the story it will not have as great as an impact as a book.

Flipping pages, on a touch screen or physically, is a more powerful motion than pressing play.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

I think I may have old taste because my favorite movies for Christmas are black and white. But we'll start with some of the other must see during the holidays:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Cartoon. Although, I do love the Jim Carrey one, I am an original fan.

Home Alone
I have never seen the others. This one is perfect for Christmas because of the ending. I wish all families could be together at Christmas time. 

The Family Stone
An amazing cast and story centered around Christmas and a liberal mother. It makes me laugh and cry and feel embarrassed. Oh. how I love that! And Luke Wilson.

Met Me In St. Louis
This one's pretty obvious. I have to watch this one with my sister Margie though. She makes me miss her if I watch this so I won't without her by my side!

The Santa Claus
Great film about family that makes me envy families.

Borrowed Hearts
I have watched this every year, growing up, with my mom and I still watch it every year. It's a little cheesy, but I love it. And it's a love story. Hard to beat that.

Gift of Love
This is an older movie with Marie Osmund when she was like 18. I love it so much. It's one movie that makes it feel like Christmas and reminds me of my brother. I miss him so much. He was in the stage version of this and did amazing!

Lemon Drop Kid
If you haven't heard of this movie, don't feel bad it's a Bob Hope movie. It does have one of the best Christmas songs of all times in it though called "Silver Bells".

Miracle on 34th Street 
I know there are other versions but really there is only one true one. You could remake this movie with some great actors and young child stars but no one could imitate the perfection of Natalie Woods as a young girl too smart for Santa, to a girl who loved trusted and believed in others.

It's a Wonderful Life
I will fight anyone who doesn't have this on their list. And if they haven't seen it, educate them. Now it may be black and white and slightly dated but the lesson and morale of this movie will outlive us all. And I love the ending so much it gets me every year.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men.
Merry Christmas

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Man in the Iron Mask

Watch The Man in the Iron Mask!

The acting was nothing special to begin with, as it was slightly slow moving,
but as the characters began to take shape and the story was in full force,
lead Leonardo DiCaprio did not disappoint. The three musketeers were fabulous.

The character of King Louis actually made me yell out "GAG!" Probably why I should only watch movies at home. This also showed me how great of acting Leo did to make me hate him. 
As the twin Philip I was so delighted at his humbleness and sweet ignorance that was so believable I began to want to fight to make him king as well. 

When someone has two roles in one film I get really picky with how they differ. I cheered at Leo's depiction of a stuck up "ordained of God" selfish king, as well as a childlike kind man who wanted to serve his country with no claim of his right to do so.  

The first time you see Philip without the mask and cleaned up he asks one question. 
Why was this done to me?
With out an answer he thanked one of the men that freed him. 

The reunion of Philip and Queen mother was a moment that should not be missed. 

Philip compared the crown and being king as another prison. 
He knew with lying and deceit it really was. 
He asked the three musketeers: Why should I? (pretend to be king)
Answer from Athos: "To be in the service of something greater."

Historical accuracy: (for movies based on true stories.)
They threw in twist after twist in this fictional story. What I love about it is that there really was a Man in the Iron Mask but his identity is still a mystery today. 

Learning who we are can help us live up to our family's name or at the very least our own. 
Learning who our ancestors were or our parents character can help us discover why we are who we are. 
I love that I used family names for my son, he can live up to be the kind of man they were or he can make a name for himself. 

Symbolism was not missed in the premonition of the mask when King Louis puts it over his face!
The thrown when Philip dressed as King Louis sits on the thrown taking his place. 
The roses from the Queen Mother's love.
Swords in a circle "All for one, one for all."

Favorite quotes:
"I fight for the belief that every man can be better."
"Something about my face had to be hidden."
"The greatest mystery of all is who we truly are."
"You have the chance to be king. If you have the heart."
"To serve a king worthy of the crown."
"Love me like your son."

New feature I wanted to start: is the hubby-love-meter, 
if my husband loves a movie or finds it interesting he will stay awake. 
If not well, I have to turn the volume up to cover his snores. 

This movie got a Complete!
(He stayed awake the whole time.)

(I do not own the rights to these photos.)
Yes, I know I did two Leonardo DiCaprio movies in a row. 
What about it?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Romeo + Juliet

First 10 minutes I wanted to turn this off. Good thing I have a rule that you can't say anything about a movie if you don't watch the whole thing. People on Netflix drive me crazy cause they're all like "I had to turn this off worst movie ever." (Not about this movie.) And I just think to myself, "How do you know it was the worst if you didn't finish it?" Ok enough about my principles.

I wanted to start on this because the Moral of Romeo and Juliet is patience. I am a lover of this story but it always gets me because I wish they had just taken a little bit of time. Now I understand, who wants to wait for their life to begin with their love? I hated being engaged because it was a delay to the start of my life! Patience is hard but waiting a little while can mean you get a greater reward. I saved myself for marriage so I know waiting is hard.

Leonardo Dicaprio surprised me to no end. His reciting of Shakespearian verse was great and I was so gladly surprised. His speech at the beginning made me want to cry! "Here's more to do with hate, but more with love: Why, then, O brawling love! O loving hate! O any thing, of nothing first create!" It's my favorite line these days. Can I just say, see this movie just for Leo's speeches and the make out scenes.

Clare Danes, she was a lot better than I remember when I was little. She may have had some rocky parts but she really did make Juliet her own. Her speech about Romeo after Tybalt was chilling.

Mercutio: Harold Perrineau had some brilliant moments in his speeches I wonder if the direction had been different he would've been a better Mercutio.

I did like that they had some visionary omens with the tomb. Loved it. I wasn't surprised when I learned that the director also directed Moulin Rouge. Baz Luhrmann went a little crazy but at least it got better through out the movie. The gang things couldn't been done differently.

2nd Moral:
The only thing I know about Suicide is that it hurts those around the person. For this story though it was to teach the families the price of HATE. Death of a loved one can make others evaluate their lives and they can learn from lives lost. Death in general is like this. The end made my heart ache.

He holds her hands she stirs. He gets the vile out of his pocket, she opens her eyes. He swallows the poison as her hand touches his cheek. He grabs her hand and his eyes bug out and his muscles convulse.
I couldn't believe it! She watched him die. If I watched my husband die I'm sure I would want to die.

Real emotion, thanks to the direction and the acting.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Green Lantern

I honestly don't know much about this comic but I knew it had a lot of back story which is why it's not as huge as other superhero movies. My husband even made the observation that this movie wasn't as advertised as Iron Man.

I understand they had to go into the back story but the flow to the story line of Hal Johnson (Ryan Renolds) was made less important. There was a horrible scene change from Hal saying he couldn't do something to him just doing it. But other than the too quick turn around, this movie was thrilling in 3D and I recommend seeing it even if not in 3D.

I loved when Hal's character tried to disguise his voice to the girl he knew but he sounded so ridiculous we all laughed but it was great because they did it on purpose. (I hope.) Not everyone can pull off a Batman voice. (In fact, Christian Bale may be the only one.)

Colors have meanings which is true. There have been studies about how colors bring about emotion and this movie brings some of that to light. Green is the color of "will" which is the power the green lanterns use. Yellow is the color of "fear" which is what the adversary uses. We must have the will to overcome fear. (Corny but true.)

Favorite lines:
You don't have to be with out fear you have to over come fear. (something like that)
(I agree that you have to overcome fear. There is a saying, Faith and fear cannot exist together.)

I have seen what fear can do, once we go down that path we can't go back.
(Hal understood that fear was the greater enemy than those that use fear.) Hasn't someone said that? Oh yeah, "Nothing is to fear, but fear itself." Thank you Teddy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

X-Men First Class

If this movie was made around the time the first X-Men movie came out it would've flopped harder than a fat guy off the high dive. But with the way society is these days and how we are becoming more excepting (or should be becoming) of everyone no matter how "different" or "normal" they are, this movie is FANTASTIC. Unlike the other movies the moral undertone of acceptance was more of the focus.

The Magneto and Professor X dynamic was a surprising harmony even when they disagreed. Charles and Erik were almost friends. I loved how Charles respected Erik's opinion even when he knew better. 

Be proud of you how you are. Don't let others make you feel like a "mutant". We are born the way we are, but we also choose for ourselves to become better. 

GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It's worth the ticket price and more.

Aren't we all in want of acceptance?